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Injection Guide (III)

Abscesses and Treatment Abscesses resulting from AAS injections are painful pockets of pus in a muscle or under the skin. They are not caused by rough injection technique, blunt needles or by injecting large amounts: they are caused by bacteria introduced at the time of injection. Bacteria are introduced by lack of hygiene, unsterile drawing up or […]

Injection Guide (II)

Safe intramusclar injection: safe and sterile IM injection A good safe and sterile IM injection technique will reduce pain and the chance of infection, abscesses and embolism. The overriding principle for sterility is never to expose syringe fittings, needles or gear to the air for longer than absolutely necessary, where they may attract pathogens. The […]

Injection Guide (I)

Safe intramusclar injection: aspiration and sites Most AAS injections mean pushing several millilitres of oil excipient deep into the muscle. This is different from the small 0.5 or 1 ml isotonic water-based vaccines or inoculations injected into a shoulder at a GP’s surgery. Even if isotonic water-based solutions (like saline) enter a blood vessel no […]